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Capacity Management Suite

Capacity Management Suite™

TeleTracking’s Capacity Management Suite™ system (comprised of PatientTracking Portal™, PreAdmitTracking® with the electronic bedboard®, TransportTracking™ and BedTracking®) is an enterprise-class, integrated set of solutions that can reduce your operational costs by improving patient throughput, better utilizing beds and equipment, and reducing transport and environmental services staffing needs. The result is less waste, greater efficiency opportunities, and better patient satisfaction.

Transfer Center

Coordinate all admission requests from other hospitals and local physicians, typically through a single phone number. TransferCenter™ captures patient medical and demographic information, facilitates physician communications and handles bed requesting, registration and transportation.

Patient Tracking Portal
PatientTracking Portal™

This tool was developed specifically for nurses and unit staff to serve as the knowledge center.  It provides a single view of real-time patient information, enabling users to identify critical patient attributes, perform and monitor bed and transport requests, and manage discharge milestones. PatientTracking Portal™ also interfaces with clinical information sources, such as lab or radiology, serving as a real-time digital whiteboard.

Community Access Portal
Community Access Portal

Give your referring physicians an easy way to admit and track their patients’ progress in your health system, at no cost to them. Community Access Portal allows transfer center users, PCPs, specialists, nursing home physicians and other community care teams to send admission requests to transfer and placement teams and receive updates on care milestones online.

PreAdmit Tracking

Simplify patient placement. From the moment a patient is discharged and a bed cleaning request is entered, a bed status (dirty, in progress, or clean) is immediately updated and visible on the electronic bedboard®Staff can make swift decisions about placement by seeing current census, pending discharges, new admissions, dirty beds and future bed availability with color-coded displays, automatic timers and other helpful features.

Clinical Workflow™ Suite

This application offers real-time visibility to patient, staff and procedure status, streamlines patient flow and provides easy-to-use reports to measure operational performance. It is designed to improve patient throughput, decrease wait times, optimize capacity, improve utilization of resources and improve the quality of care for perioperative suites, clinics and diagnostic imaging areas.

Transport Tracking

Take the guesswork out of job assignments. With its unique dispatching logic, the system will automatically send new jobs to the most appropriate personnel, eliminating the need for a dispatcher. In the event a job is considered ‘stressed’, an alert will be sent to management to intervene before the condition can worsen.

Bed Tracking

Improve and optimize patient flow by dramatically reducing time lags in the bed turnover process. Significantly reduce the time your hospital beds are left empty with the industry’s best known, user-friendly patient flow application.

Real Time Locating System
Real-Time Locating System

This system provides visibility to things you currently cannot see. Being able to track resource and automate staff workflows, ensures staff accountability and this real-time status to communicated to all those who impact patient care. When linked with Capacity Management Suite™, TeleTracking can deliver a truly real-time view of your enterprise, so that you can manage processes and workflows minute-by- minute and make choices that impact your business performance.

Mobile Solutions
Mobile Solutions

TeleTracking’s mobileXT application is ideal for EVS and transport staff because it eliminates the need for a pager and a house phone. They can now respond promptly from any location in the hospital on mobile devices like the iPod touch®, which are intuitive to use.

Asset Tracking

Hospital personnel can manage assets, streamline efficiency and reduce costs with this application. In turn, this improves quality of care, patient safety and the financial bottom line.

Patient Flow Dashboard
Patient Flow Dashboard™

An application designed to help hospital leadership monitor the real-time status of enterprise-wide flow operations.

Care Interaction Monitoring
Care Interaction Monitoring

Measure the frequency and the length of interactions between patients and staff with RTLS tags or badges. Unit staff can see how long it’s been since a patient was last seen by a caregiver which allows staff and caregivers to manage their rounds and workflows more efficiently.

Custom Reporting
Custom Reporting Solution™

Build easy-to-read reports for appropriate stakeholders with simple drag-and-drop report models. And, since everyone’s needs are different, you can schedule automatic report deliveries on an as-needed basis.

Discharge Automation
Discharge Automation

TeleTracking has integrated its RTLS capabilities within its Capacity Management Suite™ system to speed up dirty bed notifications and improve bed turnover times.  This real-time process sets off automated workflow processes to make beds available as quickly as possible.


This integration solution is included with TeleTracking’s applications to enable sharing of information between TeleTracking and other healthcare software. It ensures the most efficient data entry process with information only entered once in the appropriate system, while leveraging TeleTracking’s real-time visibility, notification and reporting capabilities for a thorough and accurate operational performance system.

hand Hygiene Monitoring
Hand Hygiene Monitoring

This real-time system routinely monitors caregivers’ usage of sanitizer and soap dispensers along with their entry and exit to patient care areas. This automated monitoring eliminates costly manual monitoring and drives compliance and behavior modification. It also eliminates the Hawthorne effect that occurs with manual Hand Hygiene Audits.

Consulting Services
Consulting Services

TeleTracking’s consulting services group offers post-installation guidance for process and software optimization, with focus on leveraging client relationships to promote peer-to-peer information exchange.

Temp Tracking

TeleTracking’s RTLS TempTracking™ application eliminates manual temperature logging, stores document responses and allows increased response time to potentially unsafe temperature ranges, ultimately improving patient safety and financial health.

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