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Enabling Technologies - Integration that Drives Patient Care

Part 1

TeleTracking’s Jon Poshywak, Vice President & General Manager, Enabling Technologies joins us on this episode of the Patient Flow Podcast to discuss the key points to consider when implementing RTLS into overall hospital operations. Jon also shares information on the different types of locating technologies and the tremendous amount of data—and the overall integration—made possible by these solutions.

Featured in this Episode of Patient Flow Podcast

Jon Poshywak
Vice President & General Manager, Enabling Technologies

Jon Poshywak is an expert in how patient flow technology can improve care and increase capacity when integrated with RTLS and other enabling technologies. With years of experience, Jon has seen how these technologies can positively impact the $3.7 billion annual cost to health systems as it relates to increased admissions and decreased costs. Outcomes are achieved when systems have real-time visibility into capacity constraints, the tools to enable efficient placement of patients, and insight into the resources required to take care of those patients. Jon is passionate about these technologies knowing this automation affects patients’ lives and drives faster, better and more accurate delivery of information. Click here to read more about Jon.

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Episode Breakdown

  • With active RTLS, there are a number of different technologies that can be used with different use cases.  Passive RTLS traditionally has a higher cost infrastructure regarding the devices, but much lower cost tags.
  • The enabling technologies team spends a great deal of time working with clients before making a specific technology recommendation―based on what they want to do now, but also what they want to do two, three, and five years from now.
  • The team helps ensure that because of the technologies, caregivers and patients have what they need, where they need it, every single day.
  • The easy-to-follow system means caregivers don’t have to log into a different system―they simply use the existing icons and functionality that are embedded into what they’re already using to help them do quick equipment searches.

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