Optimizing Hospital Operations With Real-Time Capacity Management™ Solutions

Solutions that protect your mission while improving your margin.

From Patient Flow to Real-Time Capacity Management.

Patient flow automation has evolved into a powerful business tool for hospitals. What started as a simple bed turnover solution has evolved into an end-to-end system that optimizes hospital operations in real-time, helping them better utilize their existing capacity.

Real-Time Capacity Management is a relatively new concept for healthcare. It’s the convergence of patient flow automation solutions and real-time locating systems (RTLS). This convergence creates an automated environment in which all physical hospital operations can be monitored in real-time, allowing managers to react in seconds to changes that might otherwise negatively impact patient care and hospital margins. This tighter operational platform drives out waste; it improves operational and financial efficiencies. Not to mention that it creates an environment where the arrival of a patient coincides with the availability of a bed, the appropriate medical record, and the correct medical devices.

By intensely focusing on the hospital mission, patient flow automation has become a continuum, rather than random actions, to be continually analyzed. As a result, we've grown from a single bed management application to an entire suite of hospital capacity management solutions that address virtually every point along the patient flow continuum - from patient throughput to patient transfers, orchestration of procedural milestones, workflow automation for care support and logistics functions, and asset optimization - all enabled by real-time patient, staff and asset tracking.

TeleTracking also provides process planning, patient flow redesign and asset management optimization through its consulting divisions, TeleTracking TeleTracking Consulting Services and TeleTracking RTLS Workflow Consulting

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